AGIAC File Downloads

Alabama Geospatial Strategic Plan [pdf] Download
Alabama Strategic Plan Fact Sheet [doc] Download
Alabama A&M GIS Certificate Brochure [pdf] Download
Imagery Business Plan [pdf]     Download
USGS Aerial Imagery 2013 [pdf]     Download
OWR Topo LiDAR Map [pdf] Download
NRCS LiDAR Map [pdf] Download
Bill Bass Map of Aerial Imagery Year Flown [pdf] Download
John Russell remake of Aerial [pdf] Download


Indiana Orthoimagery Documents

IN 27Att A - MWBE [docx] Download
IN 27Att A1 - IVBE [docx] Download
IN 27Att B - Sample Contract [docx] Download
IN 27Att C - IN Economic Impact Form [xlsx] Download
IN 27Att D - Cost Proposal [xlsx] Download
IN 27Att E - Business Proposal [xlsx] Download
IN 27Att F - Technical Proposal [docx] Download
IN 27Att G - Question & Inquiry Form [xlsx] Download
IN 27RFP - Indiana 2016-2018 Orthoimagery Program [docx] Download


Maryland Orthoimagery Documents 

MD - 060B4400005 -  Digital High-Resolution Aerial Imagery TORFP - As Released [pdf] Download


North Carolina Orthoimagery Documents 

North Carolina [pdf] Download


New York Orthoimagery Documents 

NYRFP-DHSES-01-2013-Amendment2-120613 [pdf] Download
NYRFP-DHSES-01-2013-Amendments3-6-120913 [pdf] Download
NYSDOP-2013-RFP [pdf] Download
NYSDOP-2013-RFP-Appendix-D [xls] Download


Ohio Orthoimagery Documents 

Ohio Statewide Imagery RFP-112920101153360A1078 [pdf] Download 


Virginia Orthoimagery Documents 

Virginia [pdf] Download